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Looking for Technical Talent

The company has become a large domestic famous centrifuge manufacturer through the rapid development in recent years. Due to the development needs, it recruits the professional and technical personnel


How to adjust the speed of the centrifuge

The biggest function of the centrifuge is to separate the substances we need to separate to some extent through its own strength. This is the simplest function of the centrifuge, but this is only the basic operating principle of the centrifuge. In the specific working process, we There is still a certain degree of requirements for the work of the centrifuge, because the centrifuge needs to maintain a stable speed during the working process.


How to do the daily maintenance of the centrifuge

Regardless of whether any machine is in use, it needs to be well maintained, so as to ensure that the machine functions well. In the course of our work, if the machine cannot perform its performance normally, the work efficiency will be greatly affected, thus affecting the profitability of the enterprise. The centrifuge needs to do a daily maintenance during the work process.


Precautions for the use of centrifuge

Regardless of any mechanical equipment, there are many points that need to be paid attention to in the process of use. Only by paying attention to these details can it play its role well, and at the same time, its work efficiency is also a guarantee. So what should everyone pay attention to when using the centrifuge? Today I will give you some introduction.

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